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An Idea is Born

Bill and Jesus met almost 17 years ago. They began to date about 2 months after they met. Neither is quiet and reserved, in fact the opposite is true. In the course of learning about each other they discovered they had much in common. One of these was a dream to one day own a bed and breakfast as both felt drawn to this particular type of hospitality. Even a B&B owner telling them "you don't want to do this" did not discourage them.

The Idea Comes to Fruition

We are true believers that if something is meant to be all of the doors open. We started our search in 2013 when our daughter's family moved from Arizona to Paso Robles. We were both ready to retire from our jobs and the fast life of LA. In 2014 we put our 1st offer in on a Victorian on why 46, but were a day late and it became a back-up offer that never was meant to happen. The 2nd offer we made also fell through. Finally we found the home on Union Road and everything began to fall into place. We moved in on March 26th, 2014, and spent the next two months commuting back and forth to our jobs in LA and getting the property ready to rent rooms. Our 1st guests arrived on Memorial Day weekend and the rest is history.

Close to 1,000 Happy Guests

Our guests come from all over the world. This makes morning breakfast and evening wine-tasting conversations entertaining and enlightening. Read what one guest recently wrote about their stay here: "I am not exaggerating when I say this was the best stay we have ever had via airbnb. Where to start? Our hosts, Bill and JJ, were kind, warm, and thoughtful. They graciously welcomed us into their home. Their home was immaculate, as was our room. They kindly provided us with a delicious breakfast each morning and made us feel very welcome. Bill had many wonderful recommendations and JJ graciously gave us a complimentary ride back from our New Years Eve party after ubering us there. This was our first time in Paso Robles and it could not have been better. We can't wait to come back!

Why Us?

Bill is 63 years old and previously worked in eduction for 24 years. Prior to this he was a small business owner. He has a daughter and two grandsons who live in Paso Robles. Jesus is Bill's husband of 16 years. They love to travel and have been overseas many times. They often compare themselves to Martha and Mary. Bill is Martha and Jesus is Mary. People fall madly in love with Jesus because his personality is infectious. People also understand that Bill is the one with whom they have the serious conversions. They have an almost unmanageable network of friends and like doing things with them and hosting dinner parties.

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